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   Lead and Sales Management
Increase your sales by using innovative tools. The unique features of allow the sales representative to manage the daily activity with minimum redundancy. The provides the most effective and efficient way to handle all aspects of a moving company, from receiving new leads to booking to the jobs. Having the right software to manage your company is key.
Combined Weekly Calendar   Introduction Letter
Ever wondered which new lead to follow up with first?   You no longer need to click any buttons to send the first email to a new lead.
Automatic Estimate to Multiple Clients   Send Email to Multiple Clients at Once
Do you have a list of potential clients and need to send estimates one at a time?   Have you ever wished that you could send email to multiple clients at once instead of one by one?
Send and Receive Emails   Multi-user
Unlike other companies that use outlook or other email systems and their software, this software is designed to send and receive emails within it.   As the owner of a company or the lead administrator, have you ever wanted to give each sales representative specific new leads to contact?
Advanced Search   Support System Online
Have you ever wanted to search for a particular lead or find customer information, but had a challenging time doing so?   Do you want quick and easy online support?
User Friendly    
Unlike other software, this one saves users time and resources.    


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